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Archieved Events

See what's happening in eHub and what your peers are working on!

This calendar, featuring entrepreneurial activities happening at Cornell eHub, will be updated at the beginning of every semester. Access a list copy of the events here

All Fall

eHub Office Hours: these will be hosted on regular schedule at eHub twice a month facilitated by the Life Changing Labs student team. Already on the calendar are professionals coming in to advise on startup law, immigration, patents & IP, accounting.


Pillsbury Institute Entrepreneur in Residence Office Hours: Every academic year, the Pillsbury Institute invites successful entrepreneurs to meet one-on-one with students to help them with business development, networking, and career planning. Any Cornell student is invited to sign up to meet with any of our Entrepreneurs when they are campus. 


More events can be found here. if you have an event scheduled to take place at eHub, submit them to to have added to the list above.