Cornell eHub Space

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Need more privacy for your eship venture team?


Look for space for your eship workshop or events?


room reservations


note: without reserving rooms, any ehub member may use the open space in both ehub locations including the lounge areas, table spaces, and also unoccupied conference rooms. 


faculty/staff: please email if you would like direct access to RESERVING room.


students: once you have signed up as ehub member, you may apply here to gain direct access to reserve conference rooms and other reservable spaces if you are working on an entrepreneurship venture or project. examples of APPROPRIATE activities include an ongoing class entrepreneurship project, holding team meetings for youR company, or regular entrepreneurship brainstorming sessions. submit the form if you need regular access for your group pursuing ENTREPRENEURSHIP activities. 


if you need to reserve space for a single-time entrepreneurship activity, email with your full name, phone number, and activity description, and you will be notified if your reservation is approved.

student or faculty/staff who have been granted direct access will be able to directly reserve space using this link.