Cornell eHub Space


Upcoming events in eHub below.



Life Changing Makeathon: Life Changing Labs will host its second annual Makeathon that will bring together 150+ students from all disciplines to build physical prototypes over a weekend.



eLab Bootcamp: eLab will continue having all-day bootcamps at eHub has it has during the Fall.



Big Idea Competition: we will have the Big Idea during Celebration (April 27 & 28) at eHub Collegetown. In addition, the Opening reception on Wednesday, April 26th will be at eHub.



eHub Office Hours: will be hosted on regular schedule at eHub twice a month facilitated by the Life Changing Labs student team. Already on the calendar are professionals coming in to advise on startup law, immigration, patents & IP, accounting.


More events can be found here. if you have an event scheduled to take place at ehub, submit them to to have added to the list above.